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White water rafting is sure to be the most exhilarating adventure of your holiday and our grade 3- 5 rapids will get your adrenalin pumping. Our professional guides will start with a safety briefing and spend the first 45 minutes on smaller rapids to allow you to familiarise yourselves with the boats and the water before hitting the bigger rapids. All safety equipment, including helmets and life jackets will be supplied by us. We carry a medical aid kit and cell phone at all times, and strictly follow the guidelines.


Day 1 :

Our 1-day trip covers roughly 19km of the Nile. We start on the flat water just a couple of kilometers downstream of the Bujagali Dam where we'll run through a comprehensive safety training with you. We start the day with Jaws, Pyramid and Giggitty Giggitty, a great easy section of grade 2 whitewater to train you up and whet your appetite before the big stuff. By the time you get to your first major rapid of the day - Overtime (grade 5) you'll be feeling like a professional! Immediately after Overtime comes the choice between the grade 4+ Chop Suey and grade 4 Retrospect, (water level dependent). Then comes some flat water and a chance to relax before Bubugo (Grade 3/4) which though small to the eye often flips rafts over! After Bubugo we have some light refreshments during a short flat before the incredible Itanda Falls! Itanda is a mandatory portage, being much too dangerous for us to commercially raft, we do however run the bottom third of the rapid known as the 'Bad Place'. Water level dependent there are 3 line choices here all depending how brave you are feeling!! After Itanda there is a great little wave called ‘Itanda Hole’ it’s the best place to learn how to surf and our crew will introduce you to river boarding here with some time to get the hang of it and feel like you’re flying through the water!! Vengeance finishes up our day, a grade 4, two-tier rapid which can often offer a flip for those who dare hit the biggest waves! After loading our truck and a short 15min drive we stop at light house restaurant to enjoy a great meal, all in all a great way to finish the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't swim. Can I go rafting?

Yes, you certainly can. Our life jackets are designed for rafting on very big white water and will keep you at the surface. During our pre-trip safety training, you’ll learn what to do if you end up in the water. Tell the guide that you can’t swim and he’ll give you extra training if needed.

Is the water cold?

No. The water is a very pleasant 26 degrees Celsius constantly.

Will I get wet?

Yes, soaked head to toe on Grade 3 and Grade 5 trips. Expect splashes on float trips.

What should I wear on the river?

Board shorts, long sleeve t-shirt, flip flops or sandals that you don’t mind getting wet.

What should I bring?

An adventurous spirit, some high factor sun cream, a change of clothes and money for a t-shirt, any personal medication, asthma pump etc. A water bottle if you have one (we’ve gone plastic bottle free). We’ll provide everything else.

Do we go if it rains?

Absolutely!! You are going to get wet anyway.

What is the minimum age?

The minimum age for grade 3 rafting trips is 14 years and for grade 5 rafting trips it is 16 years.

Do you cater for vegetarians?

Yes. And vegans. And if you have food allergies, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to cater for you. Make sure to mention it when booking.

Can kiira rafting make special arrangements for groups?

We can customize any of our trips to the needs of groups larger than 8 persons.

What safety measures are in place?

On all our trips we provide life jackets and helmets specifically designed for rafting on Grade 5 rivers. All grade 3/5 trips are accompanied by safety kayakers and an oar boat with a comprehensive first aid kit. All staff are first aid trained and has vast experience from white water rafting. We review our Safety Operating Procedures regularly and train rescues and emergencies regularly. If you need more information, please contact us.

What does ‘kiira’ mean?

The Baganda, the tribe living by the river, believed that River Nile and the people living around it used to see rushing waters. To this day, the Baganda people refer to River Nile as River Kiira.

Do you operate on week days?

We operate on all days of the week, year round, except for 25th December.

How soon in advance must I book?

For all our trips you can book as late as the day before. However, if you want to make sure there is room for you, then a week in advance should do the job. If you are booking a trip with 48 hours’ notice or less consider calling us instead of email to make sure you get confirmation.

How and when do I pay?

Please pay in Jinja on the day of the trip, before the rafting starts. We accept payment in cash (Ugandan Shillings, US Dollars), by credit card (VISA & MasterCard). Kindly note that the following fees apply: All credit card payments: +3%

Are tips expected?

No. But all of our river crew certainly appreciates it when clients choose to tip.

Can I bring my camera or video camera?

We recommend that you leave these things at home on our full day and two day trips. There is very limited waterproof storage space on our rafts and as you will be paddling or holding on in the rapids, you’ll have no chance of getting any shots or footage of the action. We do have a few helmets with GoPro mounts, but be aware of the risk of losing your camera and we take no responsibility for lost GoPros!

What should I leave at home?

Jewelry, watches, wedding rings, piercings, engagement rings, speedos.

Will I get bilharzia(schistosomiasis)?

The answer is probably not but we advise you to be aware of it, it is much more prevalent in the lake than the river as it cannot survive in moving water. Bilharzia is however easily treatable with a single dose of a drug called Proziquantal. The current advise from research doctors here in Uganda is to take a dose 12 weeks after you have had contact with a bilharzia risk environment and take a second dose a further 6 weeks later. Proziquantal is taken based on your body weight (40mg per kg) and is available over the counter from any Pharmacy in Uganda. It is very much something not to be worried about, but certainly to be aware of. If you want to know more just ask us when you arrive for your trip!

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